The AI Revolution: Using Artificial Intelligence to Unlock Massive Time Savings

ChatGPT, voice search, generative language, predictive and targeted content—it’s no question these technologies are a dominant part of the digital advertising conversation today. AI’s significant impact on the industry promises to continue to make roles more efficient and effective by handing users the keys to unlock massive time savings and valuable insights at the click of a button.

Combining the Power of AI with Human Expertise for Scale
As AI—and the extremely attractive opportunities it presents for advertisers—continues to gain momentum in the industry, leaders must decide how it will fit in their organization or get left behind. One area where we’re currently seeing this AI revolution is in the form of generative language. This AI tool gives advertisers the ability to build variations of things like content lines and creative assets, which is extremely difficult to do programmatically.

Another revolutionary way generative language can be used in automation is in the form of the video. With generative video, users can quickly deliver important messaging through digital means such as email or web portals. By automating this form of communication, users can unlock incredible time savings, better positioning their strategy to scale.

ChatGPT is only getting more advanced, too. ChatGPT-4 will provide generational improvements in content quality to its users. As these tools continue to advance, users will get into the position where they can accept more and modify less. One thing that is impressive from the latest iteration of ChatGPT today, for example, is its level of interpretation of an image. Input an image—like a graph—alongside a set of instructions and the tool uses image recognition to return a structured answer based on the information you give it. The scenarios that were once only dreamed about or seen on the Hollywood big screen are now a reality. It’s clear the future holds endless possibilities if today’s digital advertisers can use generative language and image recognition to create efficiencies

Automation Is Your Way—Just Easier
While tools like ChatGPT offer great benefits (like being excellent at rephrasing statements and messaging,) they’re not currently equipped to be left unattended. Sure, automation provides endless benefits, but it’s important to make it YOUR tool, not the other way around. Think of these AI-based tools as an opportunity to exchange writing for reviewing—not the be all and end all of creative and content development.

Just like a self-driving car where you can’t fully take your hand off the wheel, the same rings true for AI. While automating ad copy is notably much safer than getting behind the wheel, it’s important to have the driver in the seat to ensure brands are protected, compliance is met and ultimately the reputation of your service is protected. By combining the power of AI with human expertise, these tools can act as an assistant, not a replacement of valuable teams.

The story Fluency’s co-founder and chief product officer/president, Eric Mayhew, tells time and again includes the vast discrepancy in effectiveness and efficiency between using a shovel and getting behind the controls of an excavator. No matter how skilled your team may be—or the big visions they have for your landscape—if they’re all using shovels your ‘big vision’ will struggle to come to life in a reasonable timeframe. Ultimately, your team will grow tired or they will run out of time.

If you were to remove the shovel and put your team into excavators, however, they can quickly move more earth and achieve your vision. Think of automation as the excavator for digital advertising—a tool that can help you force multiple tasks you need to get done. With automation, your business can reap time and labor savings across the business, all while maintaining the same quality—or better—in service. To boil it all down, effective automation is your vision, your way—just easier—and positioned for scale.